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Sabina’s Room is located on the 3rd floor of the old castle tower, and it is our most popular room.

Open and spacious, this beautiful bedroom transpires the feeling of history and legend. It features an antique 5' Half Tester Bed as well as a day bed. Sabina’s room is ideal for families or couples looking to experience an historical stay in a medieval Irish Norman Castle.

This room offers a bright ensuite with stunning views across Lough Sheelin and the surrounding country side of Cavan and Meath.

If you love castles and want an authentic room to stay in, this is it! In the mid 1500’s, Sabina Nugent was the daughter of Richard “The Black Baron” Nugent who grew up spending many summers in the castle, falling in love with a chieftain’s son Orwin O’Reilly in what can only be described as a tragic romance, known now as the story of Orwin and Sabina.

The size of the room is approximately 17' x 16'.

wizzard room 1Ross Castle offers a special option for brave young visitors: The Wizard's Room is located in the tower under Sabina's Room, painted with a fantasy theme while lit with LED lighting. This room is the perfect destination for small, adventurous travelers while Mum and Dad enjoy the Upper Tower, Sabina's Room. If you would like to book this room, make sure to select the option "The Wizard & Sabina's Room" in our booking system.