Team Building Getaways in an historic Irish setting

Unlock the potential of your team amidst the timeless setting of Ross Castle in County Meath.

Elevate your corporate retreat with bespoke team building activities tailored to foster collaboration, communication, and camaraderie.

Against the backdrop of Ireland’s rich heritage and picturesque landscapes, immerse your team in a series of engaging challenges and experiences designed to ignite creativity, build trust, and strengthen bonds.

Step into a realm where history meets modern-day team dynamics, creating unforgettable memories and lasting connections.

Ross Castle, with its spacious venue offers room for break-out sessions and individual retreat activities as well as a range of accommodation options.

Ross Castle sits on close to 100 acres of rolling fields and small woodlands. These extend down to the shores of Lough Sheelin with a kilometre of shoreline to explore, use and experience. This land and landscape lends itself for outdoor based activities and challenges. For a fee, facilitators may be available to contract to organise activities.

Corporate team building at Ross Castle, Meath, Ireland